What Do I Include in an Investor Data Room?

A virtual data room has long been more than just a place where you can temporarily store documents while a major transaction occurs. Modern services of this type have a lot of different integrations that make rooms a full-fledged tool for work. Investors can also use them to extract even greater benefits.

Models of VDR functioning

Virtual data rooms usually function like SaaS. SaaS is a cloud service, the highest form of cloud technology, which has its hierarchy:

  • IaaS – infrastructure as a service, such as a virtual data center or a virtual server.
  • PaaS is a platform as a service or cloud development environment.
  • SaaS is software as a service or a ready-made application for work located in the cloud.

Everything together is called XaaS – “everything as a service,” where X is considered as an unknown variable, instead of which you can substitute the desired letter.

Savings on software

Software in the old days was not cheap; only large companies could afford to buy it. Therefore, in our country, piracy flourished on an especially large scale.

However, it is much more convenient to use this model, paying small amounts for application, than to risk damage to the system by viruses or data loss due to failures and breakdowns. Today, even small firms and individuals can afford to subscribe and not worry about the consequences.

Data security

All major services of this kind provide the ability to export information. In the event of a transition from one product to another, they should be completely preserved, after which they can be easily deployed on their server and, if necessary, re-uploaded if the user switches to another provider. This eliminates the so-called vendor lock-in.

Cloud computing

Investment companies work with huge amounts of data, which they are forced to analyze and make calculations constantly. But, of course, it is much easier to do this on the side of the virtual data room than on your own computers. Moreover, such powerful equipment is quite expensive.

Most virtual data rooms are equipped with integrated tools for analytics and processing large amounts of data. Of course, this will take a lot of time, but at least it does not happen on the side of your software.

Benefits of VDR

Many different aspects will have to be considered in advance. First, let’s look at the strengths of the VDR:

There is no territorial binding; application is possible from anywhere.

  • Overpayments are completely excluded. According to statistics, a cloud service will cost 10-20% less compared to standard software.
  • High level of security.
  • Access to all software from any PC or other device.
  • Minimum requirements for processor power.
  • No need to install applications that are already in the cloud.
  • Fewer employees have to maintain the system.

This is ideal for investors who want to process the data themselves or have a team working together.